New and interesting ways to increase productivity in the workplace have been buzzing around for a while. Employers care about the quality of the end results, but it’s not all about numbers anymore. Employers are concerned with employee mental health and want to create a workplace environment that fosters creativity, positivity, and increased productivity as a result. There are many adjustments that can be made or amenities office buildings can offer tenants in order to increase overall employee productivity. Take a look at these five trends that help increase productivity in the office:

1. Tenant Lounge
One way to increase productivity within the workplace is to establish a tenant lounge. These lounges offer a relaxed, communal space for employees to go in order to take a break. Creating this space in-house is a great way to encourage people to step away from their desks and take a breather. Forcing someone to stay in one place for eight hours stifles creativity which is why providing a space on-site helps employees refocus. These in-building lounges also increase efficiency and time management because employees do not have to leave the building to recharge.

2. Commuting Options
Being environmentally friendly has become almost expected in the current market. One way this can be easily implemented in the office is through the accommodation of alternative commuting options. More and more employees, especially in cities, are riding bikes to the office. Some great accommodations to provide these employees are easily accessible locker rooms and locking bike storage. This, along with office fitness centers, encourage employees to live healthy lifestyles which lead to positive attitudes and productive mindsets.

3. Nap Rooms
Every year the U.S. loses $63 billion because of lost productivity associated with a lack of sleep. Endless cups of coffee, energy bars, and falling asleep at your desk is a thing of the past. Taking naps at the office are the trending solution. Some companies are focusing on their employees’ wellness and mental health by providing them with a space to take power naps during the day. Nap rooms that have already been implemented in companies such as Ben & Jerry’s and Nike have shown an improvement in employee performance. These companies are providing their employees with quiet rooms, recliners, bean bag chairs, and even beds with pillows. Not having enough sleep affects concentration, accuracy, mood, productivity, and creativity, but taking a 20 minute power nap reduces grogginess and increases productivity.

4. Fast Elevators
One of the more surprising factors that increase productivity right at the beginning of the workday is a fast and reliable elevator. There is nothing worse than starting off your workday waiting on a slow elevator with bad wifi reception. Waiting on a slow elevator is boring and does nothing to get employees inspired to start the day off on the right foot – instead it just feels like a continuation of the morning commute. Believe it or not, a slow elevator can ruin an employee’s mood for the rest of the day whereas a fast elevator brings someone to their desk happier instead of walking up to their desks already overwhelmed by their ever increasing to-do lists

5. Color Coordinated Offices
Color boosts happiness, increases productivity, and enhances creativity. Get rid of the beige and gray cubicles. Instead incorporate oranges, reds, and bright blues as pops of color to bring creativity to the forefront. Incorporate these pops of color in unexpected accessories such as orange mouse pads, bright blue file organizers, or pieces of red furniture. Color coordinated office spaces encourage organization and creative thoughts which in turn increases employee productivity.

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